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Best of Ambler Rules


Select or write-in your preferred business to nominate in each category. This is meant to be an award for businesses that exist within the 19002 zip code, and bordering businesses.

Some categories have obvious choices you can select from. However, write-in nominations are welcome in every category.

Nominations open Friday August 24th 2018 until Friday August 31st 2018. Those wishing to make nominations are required to login via email or Facebook. Voters are only allowed to make one nomination per category (one per IP address). Your nominations are saved as you make them and you can choose to return to complete the nomination process.

Three finalists in each category will advance to the final round of voting starting September 3rd, 2018 through September 17th, 2018. In the case of a tie in the nominations for top three, tied nominees will be placed in the finals. In the case of a tie in the finals, a additional tie-breaking vote will take place. The winners of each category will be announced later in the week after finals close.

Burb Media, LLC reserves the right to have complete discretion as it relates to businesses that are nominated. Burb Media, LLC reserves the right to remove any voters or votes that it deems inappropriate.

Best of Ambler are trademarked by Burb Media, LLC. The 2017 and 2018 Best of Ambler logo is the property of Burb Media, LLC and may not be reproduced without permission or consideration.