Chaat Wala Indian Cuisine in Ambler: A few authentic, low-cost dishes worth highlighting

If you’re hankering for authentic Indian-Pakistani cuisine, Chaat Wala in Ambler is a gem.

The food comes fast, it’s tasty, healthy, and it’s cheap. Here are a few recommendations from their menu:

Drink: Fruit Lassi

Their lassi drinks come with the following flavors: mango, rose, strawberry, and salty. The texture is yogurt-like and a great sidecar to their food.

Appetizer: Samosa

Their samosas are served with vegetables or chicken.

Entree: Samosa Chaat

Ingredients like chana masala, chutney and central Asian spices come together for a wonderful blend.

Dessert: Gelato

Finish off the meal with a summery gelato. Their flavors are numerous and each worth a try.

For more on Chaat Wala Indian Cuisine, located at 35 N. Main Street in Ambler, you can visit their website or read our previous coverage here. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 12:00pm to 9:00pm.