Clarification of Information on Hunters in Penllyn Woods

To clarify some of the confusion over the post some people read put out by a Whitpain Supervisor…

This past weekend a woman walking the trails with her dog was merely warned in a friendly conversation she had with a man on the trail, that hunting season has started and there were a few hunters out… there was and is no threat as was rumored. We spoke with the Lower Gwynedd Police who confirmed there is absolutely no threat nor incident to dogs or walkers.

Please note that the warning that has been posted by a Whitpain Supervisor was a threatening email that was dug up from an alleged incident a year ago, that in fact turned out to not be an incident at all, but a mis-understanding and mis-informed email about hunters threatening dog walkers that their dogs could be shot if on the trails.  Again, this threat or conversation never took place last year.

In an effort to clear things up, Lower Gwynedd Police just released this statement:

We would like to thank all of the concerned citizens that contacted us regarding hunting in the Penllyn Woods. We were able to track down the beginning of a post that had gone viral on social media. To add clarity, limited hunting is allowed on Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) for hunters that have registered and been approved by the WVWA. There was also mention of a run in with a hunter that has been the subject of previous complaints. The complaint that took place this previous Saturday November 10, 2018 does not involve that hunter. We are still in the process of gathering more information but remain confident that the trails are safe for all to enjoy. Thanks to everyone who helped us run this story down.