Edgewood Preserve Night at Gypsy Blu

Gypsy Blu in Ambler has just released their special menu for Edgewood Preserve Night on Thursday, April 28th.

Edgewood Preserve is land identified in Ambler’s 2006 Open Space Plan as “a vulnerable natural resource with the highest priority for procuring”. The intense level of development throughout the Wissahickon Watershed has altered the hydrology and impacted the health of the Wissahickon Creek and it’s many tributaries.

A total of $75,000 dollars is needed to purchase the Preserve and so far over $68,000 has been raised.  When the full amount of $75,000 is raised, Ambler Borough will hold the deed, preserving it forever as passive open space. More information can be found here.

Gypsy Blu will donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening meal to helping fund the Edgewood Preserve. Check out the menu for the evening below. You can make reservations online or call: (215) 283-6080.