Eric ‘Fitman’ Brown: How to attain a baseline fitness level

“Your health is your wealth,” Eric “Fitman” Brown, owner of The Fitman Performance & Physique Center in Roslyn, said. “And being in bad health will undoubtedly compromise your quality of life.”

Fitman, who is an NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder, knows the value of attaining and sustaining good health.

“Although my primary audience is natural bodybuilders and athletes, I started as a personal trainer in 2008 only training the general public,” the 2x Men’s Health Next Top Trainer Finalist said. “The general public can be classified as people who don’t want to compete in sports but just want to improve their health, lose some weight, get stronger, and have a higher quality of life.”

“The good news for the general public is that it only requires 60-90 minutes a week of following a basic resistance training program to improve all of your health markers and attain a baseline fitness level.”

Fitman wanted to emphasize that baseline fitness levels and elite fitness levels are different.

“I’m not talking about building an exceptional physique or becoming an elite athlete in that time frame because it isn’t possible. I’m talking about improving your health from its current state.”

60-90 minutes a week is not a big time commitment to improve your health. But if you are new to fitness, having the coaching and guidance from a nationally renowned expert will make your journey much smoother. To get your fitness journey started with Fitman, click here to book your appointment today.

“Once you experience being in decent shape and feeling healthy you will never want to go back. When you are fit, your health is legit!”

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