Harth Builders Launches Unique Design-Build Approach with FirstFloorFlow.com

Harth Builders, located in Spring House, has recently launched a new website, www.FirstFloorFlow.com, to educate homeowners on how they can achieve a better outcome for their first floor renovations.

First Floor Flow™ is the unique design-build approach that Harth Builders has developed for solving one of the most common complaints among homeowners: traffic congestion in and around the kitchen. Highlighting nine first floor renovations they have completed across the region, the website illustrates how Harth Builders helps homeowners by designing and constructing new first floors comprised of spaces which flow together harmoniously.  See some before and afters from the website below:

Before of project in Ft. Washington

After of project in Ft. Washington

Before of project in North Wales

After of project in North Wales

Since opening their doors in 1996, Harth Builders has received more inquiries for kitchen renovations than any other project type. The chief complaint among homeowners has been cramped, congested kitchen work spaces. As Harth developed designs to resolve those challenges, a common theme emerged: congestion was being created by foot traffic flowing into the kitchen from adjacent rooms. Recognizing early on that without addressing the source of the congestion, many of the issues would persist, they began consulting their clients to look beyond their kitchen to address the first floor as a whole.  

According to Greg Harth, utilizing this consultative approach yields better results for clients. “The kitchen tends to be a hub where pathways cross. We spend a lot of time with the client up front learning how they use their first floor. Then, as we enter the design phase, we employ the First Floor Flow technique, and strategically place appliances, remove walls, or even move doors to improve traffic patterns.”  In the end, shares Harth, the clients gain more than an attractive home. “Our clients return to us repeatedly for additional work because we do more than enhance the aesthetics of the home. We improve the overall functionality of the spaces and that really sets us apart.”

The First Floor Flow concept has been so well received by area homeowners and trade professionals, Harth Builders elected to file for trademark protection for the term with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.