Love Health Direct Primary Care to open in Ft. Washington on Jan. 30

Dr. Dana Mincer, a Glenside resident and Board Certified Family Practice physician, will open her own practice on January 30 in Fort Washington, Pa.

Love Health Direct Primary Care is an outgrowth of her experiences in the medical field—both as a physician and a patient—and is located at 1035 Virginia Drive, Suite 140.

The practice offers holistic primary care medicine, merging traditional Western and Eastern approaches to medical treatment, as well as bio identical hormone replacement therapy and medical aesthetics.  

Dr. Dana, a mother of two children in the Abington School District, a daily yogi, personal trainer, and a positive habit coach, has hands-on experience in urgent care, weight loss, and outpatient addiction and mental health medicine. She is especially passionate about the science behind positive habit coaching to transform mindsets and lives.

Her goal is to assist patients in leading the healthiest life possible, via accessibility, and personalized, non-rushed healthcare.

“I believe in forging meaningful relationships with my patients.  In order to really have an impact, there needs to be a relationship of mutual trust. Having worked in various settings, I’ve witnessed the degradation of the insurance based system,” she said. “It’s a volume-based model giving 7-12 minutes per patient visit.  Would you have meaningful relationships with friends or colleagues if you only gave them 7-12 minutes of time when they had serious things to speak about with you?  I need time to form trusting relationships with my patients and be able to address physical, mental, and spiritual health as interconnected aspects of the whole person. I also want to show people that there’s more than just Western medicine. There are alternatives.”

Love Health does not rely on insurance reimbursements and offers direct access to Dr. Dana via her cell phone and non-rushed appointments.

“You should be able to get ahold of your primary doctor when you need for urgent matters,” she said. “I trust that my patients will respect my time, just as I respect their time, and they will call me after hours for urgent matters.”   

Pricing sits at $89 per month for all patients, $39 per month for children ages 4 – 21 with an adult membership. Discounts may be considered for families of 5 or more.  

Dr. Dana loves discussing ways to exist outside of the standard health insurance system (i.e. healthcare sharing plans). Because of the accessibility of care she offers, she can provide a great alternative for small businesses looking to provide benefits for their employees. 

A motivating factor behind the development of Love Health was her own personal diagnoses during her clinical residency six years ago.

“I was diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases and sent to specialists. I walked away from those appointments thinking I had taken part in a factory mill. After waiting for half an hour or more in a waiting room, it was a rushed visit experience and I felt like the physicians didn’t even hear me or see me – Love Health is my solution to combat that sort of practice. I had to get outside of the insurance model in order to give my patients the time they deserve,” she said.

Dr. Dana plans to be taking patients as soon as Wednesday, January 24. To schedule a free meet and greet and sign up for the practice, you can visit Love Health’s website.

Updates and more information are also available at Love Health Direct Primary Care’s Facebook page and Instagram page.