Pet Of The Week | Lola

The Pet of the Week is a 16 year old Pomeranian named, Lola!  Lola’s owner, Gabriella submitted:

Meet Lola! Lola is a 16-year old Pomeranian. She is one heck of a little fighter! Lola was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago, and although the thought of caring for a diabetic pup seemed daunting, we were up for the challenge and willing to do anything to keep our girl happy and healthy. Lola gets insulin injections twice a day and has to follow a strict diet (not for bikini-body purposes, but to help keep her sugar regulated!). Each day with her is an adventure, and although it has not been the easiest journey, we are just so thankful to have such an affectionate, adorable, goofy pet in our lives. She is so special and a true blessing. We adore her!

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