Pet Of The Week | Kodak

The Pet Of The Week is a rescue dog named Kodak.  Kodak’s owner, Pat, shares:

Kodak is a 3-4 year old rescue from Last Chance Ranch.  He was found on the streets of Philadelphia after being hit by a car and his pelvis, back legs and right front leg were broken and he wasn’t expected to survive.  But the wonderful folks at Last Chance Ranch nursed him back to health with the amazing assistance of Quakertown Veterinary Hospital.  We adopted him in February 2017 as a companion for our other rescue Pella who needed a playmate as Argus is getting on in years.  Kodak definitely has some limitations but walks and runs (hops really LOL) happily around the house and yard.  You may have seen him when you pass by the house.  He is an amazing addition to our pet family and all three are great friends.  If you are looking for a pet, please consider adoption and visit Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown.

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