Sadie Leigh, singer-songwriter from Fort Washington and an American Idol participant, releases second single ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Sadie Leigh, a singer-songwriter from Fort Washington who appeared on American Idol in 2021, is set to release her second single, “Boys Don’t Cry”, on Friday, August 25. 

She released her first single “Attendance Record” in June, and the accompanying music video went out on July 5. So far, it has accumulated more than 90,000 streams on Spotify.

Leigh has been singing since she was seven years old. Her voice went viral on social media during the pandemic and the American Idol appearance moved the bar even higher. She performed an acoustic set on July 15 at Wonderland Fishtown, a sculpture garden and event space, to promote her music. 

“It was so fun, like, so intimate, just a bunch of people hanging out, sharing music,” said Leigh, a 2021 Temple University media studies and production alumna. “It’s those kinds of shows where you really feel like an artist, when you’re just surrounded by other artists it’s such a cool feeling.”

As “Attendance Record” continues to build traction, and with the release of “Boys Don’t Cry,” she hopes to tour and drop an EP along with more music videos by the end of 2023. 

“The first thing on my bucket list is to tour and just, you know, live that rockstar life,” Leigh said. “But even before that I am releasing an EP that we’re going to roll out single by single through the end of the summer into the fall.”

6ABC covered her American Idol selection in the video below:

For more on Sadie, you can read Temple News’ article. You can also check out her Youtube channel, her Soundcloud, and her latest music video here:

Photos courtesy of Sadie Leigh via Temple News, screengrab courtesy of 6ABC