Sheriff’s Office Annual Report shows improved services, increased savings and revenue

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has released its 2016 annual report and the news is good.

“My goal has been to make the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office the shining star of all sheriffs’ offices in the Commonwealth, by continuing to provide the highest quality service with honesty, integrity and transparency,” said Sheriff Sean P. Kilkenny.

The 2016 Annual Report provides an overview of the many core functions of the Sheriff’s Office, in addition to new initiatives, which have increased workplace diversity, expanded support for domestic violence victims, and resulted in significant savings and revenue.

The report highlights:

  • Collaboration with other agencies to successfully handle complex and increased security for high profile trials.
  • Implementation of updated emergency evacuation drills for the Justice Complex.
  • Implementation of active shooter training to County employees.
  • Implementation of domestic violence training for all staff.
  • Increased productivity due to cross training and new technology.
  • Increased revenue as a result of updated processing fee schedules.
  • Savings of $70,000 per year due to reduced paper usage.
  • Implementation of a new diversity recruiting program.