The Goldenberg Group Subsidizes and Helps Plant Trees as Part of Ambler EAC’s Make Ambler a Shade Better Program

In its ongoing commitment to be a good neighbor while supporting and encouraging residents to plant trees and Grow our Ambler Community Greener, The Goldenberg Group, developer of Mattison Estates, subsidized a number of new trees to be planted for 30 residents as part of the Ambler Environmental Advisory Council’s (EAC’s) Make Ambler A Shade Better* tree program.

Representatives from The Goldenberg Group joined EAC members and leadership to help plant trees today, November 15th at the Mattie Dixon Food Cupboard. Plans also include planting trees at residential properties in the surrounding neighborhood.  

Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard was in need of a tree.  Christine Bouley, director of MDCC agreed.This new tree will eventually provide shade for the building, thus decreasing energy costs.

Ambler residents interested in joining The Goldenberg Group and the EAC in this tree planting effort are invited to help plant the remainder of the trees on Saturday, November 16th. Volunteers should meet at Ambler Borough Hall, 131 Rosemary Avenue, at 9:00 a.m., dressed in warm clothing that may get dirty and with work gloves. The EAC will provide shovels and other planting equipment. Coffee and fruit provided by Weavers Way.

The Goldenberg Group and the EAC are pleased to partner with our neighbors to grow a culture of stewardship for a sustainable future.
* The TreeVitalize program is sponsored by the state and managed by PHS.