Update on Abyss Coffee Shop Which is Listed For Sale

Yesterday we reported that Abyss Coffee Shop is listed for sale. The article generated a lot of responses and comments ( see article here). AroundAmbler.com recently spoke with Bruce Gunacti, the owner of Abyss Coffee, who did acknowledge for us that the business is, in fact, for sale.  There are many conditions of this sale, all of which are reasons the sale has been kept quiet.

Bruce is a passionate and dedicated business owner and would like to see the growth and integrity of Abyss continue to flourish and prosper under the right ownership, and he will not sell until those criteria are met.

Bruce detailed some of the conditions and said:

The Abyss name will not change, staff will not change, the menu will not change but will only allow for improvement.  The buyer must be experienced in the hospitality business. I have built this business with a newly constructed kitchen, new menu items, better food quality and improved customer service from when I bought it as Saxby’s, and expect the same going forward. I want the new owner to continue serving the people of Ambler with the same dedication and service because people of Ambler deserve the best.

Until this happens, and I don’t know when that will be, I wanted to keep the sale as a secret to keep customers comfortable.

Abyss is not my primary business, and I need to focus on my primary business, as 2018 wasn’t really easy on my primary business and I am afraid I cannot give enough attention that Abyss and Ambler deserves in 2019. Otherwise, business is great at Abyss and it’ll only get better with an owner who has more time than I have.

As for now, Abyss will operate as normal and we will update you with the progress of this sale.

Photo- Google images