Whitpain Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda|October 2

There is a Whitpain Township Board of Supervisors meeting tonight at 8pm. Some of the items that will be discussed are below, followed by a link to tonight’s full agenda:

° Supervisors to consider a request from the WVWA for a waiver from the
requirement of preparing a land development plan to install a pedestrian
bridge on the Briar Hill Preserve parcel located at 700 Lewis Lane. The
waiver from land development is conditioned upon the review and
approval of the site plan by the Township Engineer.

° Motion to approve Change Order #1 for the Traffic Signal & Pedestrian
Improvement Project revising the final total contract amount with
Wyoming Electric & Signal Co. of Wyoming, PA from $508,298.55 to
$538,643.55. Change Order #1 provides for the installation of a
replacement base mount traffic signal cabinet (material, labor and
equipment included) at the intersection of Walton Road, Norristown Road
and Township Line Road.

° Motion to consider Resolution No. 1311 to approve plan titled “Preliminary/Final Approval – Land Development Plans for Creekside at Blue Bell”, Sheets 1 of 27 through 27 of 27, prepared by Holmes Cunningham LLC, plans dated January 7,2019 and last revised July 2, 2019 in accordance with Section 509 (b) of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code conditioned upon execution of a Development Agreement, posting of financial security, planning module approval, receipt of all necessary permits from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, compliance with the recommendations contained in the motion from the Township Planning Commission and the resolution of items in the review letters
from the Township Engineer dated February 26, 2019, June 18, 2019 and July 30, 2019 and McMahon Associates dated May 31, 2019. The property is located at 652 DeKalb Pike (former Beachcomber site).

See the full agenda here.