Whitpain in initial phase of plan to remove dam and naturalize stream at Mermaid Park

During the April 2nd meeting of Whitpain Township’s Board of Supervisors, there was a presentation regarding the future plans to remove the dam and naturalize the stream at Mermaid Park. The presentation was given by Dr. Laura Craig, a township consultant who reviewed conceptual plans and the ecological and stormwater benefits of a naturalized waterway. You can view the slides from the presentation here.

The project is still in the conceptual planning phase and more engineering is needed to allow the township to seek grants.

In other Mermaid Park news, the township will be removing soil from several locations on the portion of the park that was previously a golf course. In 2023, testing was conducted and some of the former putting greens and tee boxes, along with one fairway, were found to have elevated levels of arsenic and mercury (due to fertilizer that had been used in the past).

According to the township, the soil did not require removal if monitored periodically, but the decision was made to remove the soil out of an abundance of caution. The work started last week and could continue for up to four weeks.

Photo: Google