Whitpain Township Police Department reminds the public on laws involving fireworks

No matter where you live locally, you have probably heard fireworks over the past couple of weeks in the evening. Since Pennsylvania legalized fireworks in 2018 there has been a steady stream of complaints each summer due to a constant barrage by backyard enthusiasts.

Based on a post by the Whitpain Township Police Department, it sounds like there is a fireworks issue in the Whitpain Greens community. As the police point out, there is an ordinance that fireworks can’t be discharged within 150′ of an unoccupied structure. That is fairly impossible to achieve within Whitpain Greens. We used Google Earth to measure distances between a few homes in the neighborhood and they are all within 150 feet. Plus, even if your home has a larger yard and you are shooting off fireworks on your own property, if someone is in the house, the law is being broken.

Below is the notice from the police:

We have been receiving numerous complaints of fireworks being set off during late hours of the evening, well past the township ordinance times (listed below). Primarily in the Whitpain Greens Community. We want to again remind everyone of the state laws, one of which states that fireworks shall not be discharged within 150 feet of an occupied structure. The laws are in place for both the safety of all residents as well as to maintain the desired peace and quiet of the community. Any violators of either the state laws or township ordinances will be cited. Please pass this information along to your neighbors and if calling to report violators please provide specific information so that the issue can be addressed with those responsible.

Disturbing the peace:
Sunday before 8am and after 9pm
Mon-Thurs before 6am and after 9pm
Fri – Before 6am and after 11pm
Sat – before 8am and after 11pm

You can view the state laws here.