Wissahickon High School Alumni Hall of Fame Nominations Now Open

Nominate an alumni of WHS/AHS for the 2020 Alumni Hall of Fame Induction! Submission deadline: Sunday, March 1 at 11: 55 p.m.

1. The nominee is a graduate of Wissahickon High School for at least five (5) years at the time of nomination. Note: all graduates of Ambler High School are eligible for selection.
2. The nominee demonstrates exemplary achievement in the areas of post-graduate career accomplishments; leadership within career organizations/industries; community service and voluntary leadership in their community; prior recognition and honors; and/or innovative accomplishments.
3. The nomination provides evidence of how this nominee will serve as a positive role model worthy of student emulation.
4. The nomination includes a thorough and complete biography of the nominee.

Learn more and submit a nomination: https://www.wsdweb.org/our-community/alumni/hall-of-fame/