Daycare seeking to redevelop Lai Lai Garden property in Blue Bell

Lightbridge Academy, a daycare company, is seeking to redevelop the former home of Lai Lai Garden at 1144 DeKalb Pike in Blue Bell (Whitpain Township). The Whitpain Township’s Planning Commission will review the land development plan during its October 11th meeting.

This application involves the construction of two building additions and the complete renovation of the existing building for a 12,362-square-foot daycare facility on a lot of approximately 2.13 acres. According to plan documents, the impervious coverage will be reduced on the property by just over 2,000 square feet. This is attributed to a reduction in the driveway and parking areas.

Lightbridge Academy has 120 locations opened or in development on the eastern seaboard, Texas, and Tennessee. The closest location to Blue Bell is in Fort Washington.

You can view the agenda here.