GoPuff to operate out of building at 241-65 North Main Street in Ambler

On October 30th, reported on the recent approval of a liquor license transfer into the Borough of Ambler that would be utilized by a new restaurant within a former industrial building at 241-65 North Main Street.

During the October 19th hearing, GoPuff was mentioned several times. If you aren’t familiar with GoPuff, it is a delivery service that operates warehouses filled with items commonly found in convenience stores. Through an app, people can place an order and the items are delivered. According to its website, it operates 24 hours, seven days a week, and if it is not 24/7 it at least provides service through the late-night hours.

There was some confusion as to whether the company seeking the liquor license transfer, 3 Rivers Beer, LLC, was part of GoPuff. The attorney for 3 Rivers Beer stated that they are completely different companies, but does have an agreement with a company associated with GoPuff to deliver their beer.

It was then stated by the attorney for 3 Rivers Beer that GoPuff has a lease for space within the same building. Members of the borough council appeared to not be aware of this. Not only will there be a restaurant/beer store (3 Rivers Beer’s S & K Cafe) operating within a semi-residential area, there is the possibility that there will be a 24/7 delivery service.

As reported in the article about the approval of 3 Rivers Beer’s liquor license transfer, the building involved is within the Industrial zoning district, which allows a series of uses within the industrial sphere and then all of the uses allowed within the commercial district (minus hotel or motel, rooming house, tourist home or dwelling unit or gasoline service station).

The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported on complaints from the neighbors of GoPuff’s locations. The complaints focused on noise, traffic, and parking.

Please note that we do not yet know what the operations of GoPuff from this location will involve. We have reached out to GoPuff for more information.

You can watch the meeting where GoPuff is discussed here.