Maple Glen resident, nurse feat. by People Magazine & 6ABC for saving newborn’s life, cancer diagnosis, weight loss

Jen Coleman, a resident of Maple Glen and a nurse at Jefferson Abington Hospital, was recently featured by People Magazine and 6ABC for saving the life of a newborn, after which Coleman received a cancer diagnosis.

In the midst of those events, she took on a healthier lifestyle. According to People, Coleman weighed 309 lbs. at her heaviest. Through healthier food choices and a more active lifestyle (she took up boxing, pickleball and coaching her kids’ sports teams), she now weighs 165.

The baby, Claire Benton, was saved by Coleman through the discovery of a cardiac abnormality. According to 6ABC, she formed a close relationship with the family, and just before she ran the Broad Street Run with Claire’s father, Ken, she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

“Her parents and I talked a lot about our lives and shared some of the things we had to look forward to that year and the Broad Street Run was one of them,” said Coleman. “And that was something that was on my bucket list to do before I turned 40.”

“I wasn’t able to run that race,” she said. “And Ken said to me, I’m going to run the Broad Street race for my baby and for the nurse that saved her.”

Coleman is also an active member of Crush Crew Jiu Jitsu in Flourtown and has become a health coach. Omar Cruickshank, Crush Crew’s owner, shared the following on her behalf:

For more on Coleman, you can check out her InstagramFacebook, or her health survey form website6ABC’s video coverage is below:

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Screengrab: 6ABC