Montco Launches 2nd Annual Trail Challenge

The Second Annual Montgomery County Trail Challenge begins on Saturday, May 6th and runs through December 3rd, 2017. The Challenge is a joint effort including the Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD), the Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC) and the Parks, Trails, and Historic Division (PTHS) of the Department of Assets and Infrastructure.

The Montgomery Country Trail Challenge began as a way to encourage residents to participate in physical activity and reduce the risks of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. Besides the healthy side effects, the Challenge also connects Montco residents with the various parks, trails and historic sites throughout the County.

There are 13 Montgomery County trails that are part of the 2017 Challenge, 3 more than last year’s challenge.

From the Montgomery County Website:

The trails connect greenways, waterways, and heritage corridors throughout Montgomery County. In addition to the 13 trails, participants can visit an additional two trails, parks, or county historic sites to receive credit towards an achievement level (Explorer, Adventurer, or Trailblazer) in the challenge.

You can print a Trail Challenge card from this website. For more information, click here.