now offers users the opportunity to upload content to the website. This can include non-commercial press releases, events, opinion pieces, and items users feel are newsworthy.

If you are a business and would like advertising information, please contact Deana Clement at


This feature is meant to highlight information from a local organization, government, agency, official, etc. For example, if you have a press release, this would be the place to submit and upload it. This tool should not be used for events (see below).

Please note that all submitted content will be acknowledged with the name of who submitted it (no anonymous content) and any appropriate office or organization name.

The best photo size to use is 1120 x 630 pixels.

On the right sidebar, in the 'Document' tab, you will find options as it relates to Category and Location. Category should reflect the type of content. For example, an article on pothole, should be categorized as “Local News.” If it is an article about sports accomplishment, it should be “Local News” and “Sports.” If the sports accomplishment involved a school team, you can also select “Education.” The Location(s) selected should reflect where the news took place and the town from which the person or organization is from.

If you have information you believe is newsworthy and wish to provide to (on or off the record) please email


Follow everything listed above under News, but please format your headline in the following style, “Opinion: Firetrucks should be red”. Also, please select the Opinion category on the right sidebar.


Have an event you want to promote? You can submit an event at Add Event. Please note non-profit events are free and there is a small fee for everyone else. The best photo size to use is 1120 x 630 pixels. Do not upload flyers to serve as the featured image. Use those in the body of the post and utilize a representative image of your event as the featured image.

What Happens Once You Click Publish will review your content and reserves the right to make minor edits. If we feel there are major edits needed, we will ask you to revise. We reserve the right to refuse any content for any reason. We also reserve the right to consider all submissions a tip and may not publish your article, but publish a more extensive article on the subject.

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