Shop Local Ambler!

With the Arts and Music Festival going on tonight and tomorrow, Ambler has a unique opportunity to showcase its local shops, boutiques and restaurants to those from out of the area. Likewise, the Festival draws from within the Borough and reaquaints Ambler residents with our neat little town. Recently, a student from Delaware Valley College shared an infographic with us on the importance of shopping where you live and in the spirit of the event, we wanted to share it with you! When you are on the Avenue tonight and tomorrow, stop in and check out our local merchants…you won’t be disappointed.

Globalization has been an economic buzz word in the media for almost a decade now, but recently there’s big a big shift into shopping locally. Aside from directly supporting your community financially instead of having most of your hard earned income end up in someone’s pocket thousands of miles away, there are other benefits to shopping close to your home. Check out this infographic to see why supporting local businesses is important.