Ambler Borough Council Will Explore Plastics Ordinance at Tonight’s Meeting

There is an Ambler Borough Council meeting tonight at 7pm at Ambler Borough Hall. One of the things on the agenda is the discussion of a possible Plastics Ordinance in the Borough.

This was discussed at the last Borough Council meeting and someone mentioned the Narberth Ordinance, which is the first of its kind in the state and only addresses plastic bags and straws.   At that meeting, council member Sara Hertz felt Narberth’s Ordinance didn’t go far enough and there was some discussion about to-go containers used by local restaurants.  Tonight’s agenda item under the Parks and Recreation Committee is as follows:

Plastics Ordinance

The committee would like to explore a possible Plastics Ordinance in the Borough.  They will work with the local businesses and discuss options.

The full agenda for tonight’s Borough Council meeting can be seen here.