Ambler Ghost Stories

October is the season for haunted houses, spooky stories, hayrides and ghosts…so we took to the streets of Ambler for some good old fashioned ghost hunting, and here is what we found…
34 East Butler Ave. Ambler, PA
34 East Butler Ave., which is now Gypsy Blu,  but was the old Wyndham Hotel, is filled with active ghost-like energy and spirits, according to Dr. Phyllis Greco Bucci, owner of the Holistic Apothecary on Ridge Ave.  When she was called to do a white sage cleansing of the property for Gypsy owners, Kim Strengari , Marianne Gere and Mike Golden, who wanted to clear their new restaurant of bad energy, Bucci was only able to partially complete the process because of the” intense energy” she felt while walking through the building.  The bad energy was coming from everywhere, and Dr. Bucci felt sensations like it was difficult to breathe. ( We were told by former Ambler Firemen that several bodies were taken from the building over the years due to fires). Feeling very spooked by the time she reached the second floor,  Bucci cut the appointment short.  She said she had not felt energy like that since she visited the Roadhouse Tavern in Skippack, Pa years ago.
When Mike Golden was demolishing the third floor of Gypsy Blu, he found an old bottle in between the walls that he thought was cool.  He wanted to keep it, so he locked it in a drawer of a file cabinet until he decided what to do with it.  After closing the drawer, he realized he didn’t have keys to the cabinet, and wasn’t able to unlock it.  The door to the third floor space is always kept locked, but despite that, when he went back there a week later, he noticed that the bottle was somehow on top of the filing cabinet.  He put the bottle back inside the drawer, locked it, and again and again, every time he went back into the room, the bottle was left on top of the same filing cabinet.
Servers, Kelly and Lauren, told us that they always hear heavy, stomping footsteps above them when they are getting things from the basement at the end of the night, only to go upstairs and find that no one is around.  Kelly has been working at 34 east Butler Ave. since it was Finn McCool’s, and heard the same heavy ” workboots” stomping back then, as well.  The two say,  that when the restaurant is empty and they are closing down, they put all of the stools upside-down on the top of the bar to clean the floors.  Sometimes, after the cleaning is finished,  all of the barstools will fall at once off of the bar and come crashing to the floor.
Evan, executive pastry chef for all of the Conshy Girl’s restaurants, has been alone in the kitchen on several occasions when pans and dishes will mysteriously fly off of the shelves.
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