Ambler Home Featured in Main Line Today

Shophouse Design, a heretofore Center City interior design firm, has made it out to the suburbs to Ambler and their most recent renovation has been featured in Main Line Today!

From the Feature:

…the five-bedroom Colonial purchased by an Ambler couple was less than 10 years old—but it looked much older due to the dated décor. A yellow, maroon and brown color scheme dominated the first-floor living areas. Drab cherrywood cabinetry covered the master bathroom and butler’s pantry.


“Our clients wanted the space soothing—nothing too jarring,” says Baun. “They wanted everything to look very light, bright and clean.”

Shophouse gutted the kitchen and bathrooms, while installing new flooring throughout. “We took it down to the studs and built it back up again to make it feel like a new home,” says Helm.


They also repurposed spaces to fit the needs of the family. An extra butler’s pantry became a command center for the lady of the house, and an extra closet was done away with to make room for a huge mudroom to accommodate a family of four—about to become five.

You can check out Shophouse Design here on their website.