Are Apartments Planned for BoRit Asbestos Superfund Site?

See an update to this article at the bottom.

On July 28th, the EPA issued its decision on how the BoRit Asbestos SupefFund Site would be cleaned up. Based on an email sent out this morning by a member of Ambler’s Borough Council, Sharon McCormick, a developer is proposing to build three apartment buildings on the site along Maple Street. Below is the email:

So now we have come full circle. Before me tonight at the Ambler Council meeting is a proposal for a housing development and a partnership with Whitpain and Upper Dublin to allow such a housing development on the BoRit Asbestos Superfund site. This time they are calling it Ambler Lake View. It consists of 180 Multi family units to be placed in 3 buildings along Maple street on the BoRit asbestos site. Thought al of you would be interested in knowing this. The developer is petitioning for Grant funding from the state of PA. he is the same developer that received 16 million already for the Boiler House and the Bast parcel development known as Ambler Crossing. Remember that under the ACT 2 reuse and redevelopment of industrial waste sites, the developer is waived from all liability associated with the toxic waste.

It is very interesting to me that this development is being entertained along the Wissahickon when all the new storm water laws and the Temple study have significantly warned of such development near the creeks. Also citizens that enjoy living along the creeks here in Ambler are further burdened from these new storm water laws which will encroach somewhat on the rights to improve their private property, all the while a developer will be allowed to increase the impervious coverage significantly.

And don’t get me started on living and playing on toxic waste!!!

You all be the judge. Let your politicians know exactly where you stand on this.

Meeting tonight Ambler Borough Hall 7:00 pm

We tried to verify this being on the agenda for tonight’s meeting, but the website has not been updated with the agenda (as of 10:19 a.m.). reported in February of 2017 that there was an office building, referred to as Ambler Lakeside, being advertised on for the other side of Maple Street. If the information in the email shared above is accurate, the same developer, Summit Realty Advisors, is involved in both projects. Please note that the Ambler Lakeside listing on LoopNet was taken down soon after we published it.

We should have more details on this development as we plan to cover tonight’s meeting.

More to come.

UPDATE – Apparently Ambler Borough Council member Sharon McCormick is sending out emails that are not correct. She sent out another email this morning, after the original one stating:

Hi all.  some of you received an erroneous e-mail from me. The development proposed is on the old warehouse and factory grounds along Maple street, across from the BoRit.

My prior e-mail was drafted last Friday and wasn’t to be sent until I had all the facts. Sorry for any confusion.

Nice job.