Blue Bell quadruplets graduated last week from the University of Alabama

Annagrace, Chloe, Michaela, and Max Hansen never planned in high school that they would all attend the same college but here they are. Michaela will graduate on Friday while Annagrace, Chloe, and Max will earn their degrees during Saturday’s ceremonies.

The siblings, who hail from Blue Bell, were all attracted to the University for different reasons.

“I had committed to play lacrosse at LaSalle University, but we had come to see the campus here and even though it was at night and dark, I knew I wanted to come here,” said Chloe, a criminal justice major. “The campus was just beautiful.”

Marketing major Annagrace knew she wanted to gauge where Max, her fraternal twin, might be headed because he was considering another school in the state.

Max and I knew we wanted to go south,” she said. “We looked at schools in Alabama and North Carolina in the Highpoint area.”

“I grew up an Auburn fan,” said Max, a finance major. “I have an uncle from Alabama and so we looked at both schools and my parents wanted me to go to Alabama so, so bad.”

“Chloe and I are identical twins and we’ve always done everything together,” said Michaela, an education major. That bond continued as the three sisters lived together while Max was just down the street.

“We made our own friends and were our own people, but we still knew everyone was close,” said Chloe.

Along with parents Bud and Kate, the quadruplets also have a brother, Buddy, who is 18 months older and graduated last year from Temple University. They all plan to return home to southern Pennsylvania after graduation and pursue various jobs and interests.

“We are all so happy we came to Alabama, but my mom is excited to have us all home again,” said Max.

The siblings will miss a lot of the same things about UA as many graduates do — the beauty of the campus, game days, and friends they’ve made.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of international students in my time here and I think I’ll really miss that,” said Max.

“I’ll miss coming to class,” said Annagrace, much to the laughter of her siblings. “I wasn’t really much of a ‘school person’ in high school, but the quality of education here really got me excited to go to class every day.”

The Hansen parents couldn’t have imagined a better place to send their four youngest children.

“I am a graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia and have spent the last 13 years as a member of their Board of Trustees,” Bud explained. “I have had the opportunity to learn and understand the ins and outs of higher education and my children’s experience has been extraordinary.

“Our entire family has completely embraced UA and consider ourselves die-hard Tide fans.”

Source: University of Alabama