Charges Filed in Ambler Double Murder

19-year-old Joshua Trunk has been charged in the murder of his 54-year-old mother, Janice Trunk and 44-year-old Kevin Milton Smith. According to ABC 6 in Philadelphia, authorities claim that the younger Trunk lived with his mother at the time of the murders.

From ABC 6:

He is charged with two counts of first degree murder and is currently being held without bail.


Authorities say he [Trunk] was already jailed at the Montgomery County Correctional facility on drug charges.


Photo Courtesy of ABC 6

Details to follow as they become available.


According to the Ambler Gazette, friends of the family, as well as friends of the younger Trunk, intimated that he suffered from mental illness and paranoia.

From the Ambler Gazette:

People who knew the family told investigators that Joshua Trunk had recently returned home from a stay in Eagleville Hospital, and was carrying a gun at all times, even when he slept, the complaint said. A neighbor told detectives that Janice Trunk was struggling to get her son to take his medication…Another friend of the Trunk family told detectives that Janice Trunk confided in her that “if something ever happens to [her] it would be Josh,” the complaint said…[A] friend said that Trunk had believed his mother was trying to kill him and that the hospital he had recently left was also trying to kill him.