Have You Ever Wanted to Work With Mushrooms?

A unique employment opportunity has presented itself in Ambler…actually, it’s being presented by the Ambler Mushroom Company. A little while back we did a story on the Ambler Mushroom Company and its proprietor, Heidi Mercer and now we are happy to pass along this neat job opening Heidi has posted:

IMMEDIATE OPENING: Part-time work, Ambler PA Ambler Mushroom Company

Ambler Mushroom Company, a local start-up producer of gourmet culinary and medicinal mushrooms is currently seeking a part-time employee – 25 to 30 hours per week. This position’s primary responsibility will be in production – i.e. the mushroom growing processes. Seeking a reliable, steady assistant who can follow instructions and complete routines.

Ambler Mushroom Company, located in the Borough of Ambler in a converted commercial garage complex, is a small, local producer of gourmet culinary and medicinal mushrooms including Oysters, Phoenix, King Trumpet, Piopinno, Lion’s Mane and Shitake. All of our mushrooms are grown on a sawdust-based substrate and are grown from mother cultures on agar through grain spawn, substrate and into fruiting.

General Description:
Applicants must have a High School diploma or equivalent, and a valid driver’s license. You must have your own transportation or you can walk/bike from the Ambler Train station (.5 mile).

Gardening experience and/or local food production is a plus!

The job is physical and involves lifting, hauling, squatting, standing, “dish” washing and more. The successful candidate must be capable of lifting up to 50 lbs., possess strong organizational skills and be able to maintain precise and accurate records.

The job is indoors in both a heated and semi-heated garage space, therefore, in the winter, candidate must be comfortable working in cold temperatures.

The successful candidate must be:
• Capable of carefully following standardized procedures to obtain consistent results
• Detail oriented
• Self-starter
• Able to adapt as needed to a growing new business
• Quick learner, willing to ask questions

Hours: 25 – 30 hrs. / week to start – possibility to increase to full-time.

Compensation: $10 per hour

We will provide training on the various procedures and the candidate will have a mini-review at the end of a 2-week probationary period, at which time, various aspects of the job description may be adjusted to meet the needs of the business.

Contact: heidi@amblermushroom.com with the subject line “Part-time work”