Friday’s Family Fun Night Fun For All

Last Friday, Ambler Yards hosted a Family Fun Night for the neighborhood children and their parents and a great time was had by all. With over 500 attendees, it seemed like every child in the Ambler area enjoyed the evening, while parents had an outlet for their energized offspring.

The Ambler Yards campus is made up of vintage structures being reimagined into creative, one-of-a-kind open work spaces. Accommodating the growth & expansion of new or established businesses, events like the Free Free Family Fun Night and the Ambler Yards Beer Garden are meant to acquaint the neighborhood with the space and generate interest in the property. At every event, there are renderings of the space, with a look toward the future of the campus and how it will look for potential tenants. Next event, give them a look and see what the future holds for Ambler Yards.

Yards 2


Yards 3