How To Overcome the Challenges of Selling a Home AND Make More Money

Selling a home can be challenging. Today’s buyer doesn’t want to take on any home improvements – they want perfection. And home sellers usually don’t want to spend their cash or investments to make the updates needed to sell it faster and for more money.

Angela Morsa and Rick Moore of the Morsa Moore Realty Team, who are affiliated with Compass RE, have a solution. The Compass Concierge program transforms homes for the market, hassle-free, with no upfront costs, interest or fees. Ever. This program allows sellers to make home-selling improvements while Compass fronts the costs of the work and collects payment for the services rendered from proceeds at closing.

The Morsa Moore Realty Team works with home sellers to determine which updates can deliver the greatest return on their investment. “We know how stressful it is for sellers to prepare their homes for showings, while packing and looking for a home for themselves. We manage the entire process from determining which updates can deliver the greatest return on investment to identifying the contractors if needed. Then we create a tailored plan to have everything completed, then market and merchandise the home to return the highest value in the least amount of time. The result is happy and less stressed sellers and buyers.”

To learn more and see before and after videos for how the Compass Concierge program works, just click here.