Mochi donut business coming to Lower Gwynedd

There is a banner up announcing that a mochi donut business is coming to the Gwynedd Center shopping center at 832 North Bethlehem Pike in Lower Gwynedd. The specific space within the shopping center was most recently Banh Street.

What is a mochi donut? From

When it comes to mochi donuts there are two different kinds. Ones made from glutinous rice flour and others made from tapioca starch. Mochi donuts made from glutinous rice flour tend to be a lot denser and chewier in texture in comparison to those made from tapioca starch. Tapioca starch gives the donuts a bouncier texture while remaining light and fluffy. That’s the secret behind making the perfect donut!

The banner isn’t clear what the name of the business will be. According to an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mochinut and Mochi Ring Donuts, are both expanding in the region.