Pet of the Week | Foxy

The Pet of the week is a 3 year old Tuxedo Cat named Foxy. Foxy’s owner, Melinda writes:

Foxy is a 3-year-old tuxedo cat who was adopted from The Kitty Cottage in Norristown when she was 8 months old.  I picked her because of her crooked mustache, however her unique personality is what prompted me to write a children’s book about her adventures in her new forever home.  Foxy is an avid bird watcher rather it be from the window or relaxing on the balcony on a warm summer day.  She also enjoys catching and playing with insects; her favorite is the cicada due to its buzzing noise and using her scratching post.  Foxy craves and basks at the center of attention. This feisty kitty will not be ignored and will gently tap your hand repeatedly until you pet her. 
She rules the household, and like a dog, comes on command, especially to the table at mealtime.  After sprinting around the house and playing peek a boo, she cools off by taking a long drink in the colorful fountain she has claimed as her own.  Foxy has brought life to our home and we love her to pieces.  The best part is when we come home and find her sitting on the arm of the couch patiently waiting for her humans to shower her with affection.  We can’t imagine life without her.

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