Pet of The Week | Nero

The Pet of the Week is a dog named Nero.  Nero’s owner, Janice, and her daughter say he’s a real character and submitted:

Hello to all my belly-rubbing, treat-feeding friends out there! My name is Nero The Dog and I am the friendliest German Shepherd you will ever meet! My favorite thing to do is go for walks with my mom around our neighborhood, saying hi to all our friends, human and canine, who live there. I love stopping to greet everyone, and the best part is seeing people I know because they always remember how much I love belly rubs and will stop to pet me. Sometimes I’ll even throw myself on the ground in the middle of our walk to show the people passing by that I’m ready to get petted! I go by many names, including but not limited to, Nero The Dog, Handsomest King of All Dogs, Boo Boo, and my most hated, “The Big Baby.” However I’ll let you call me anything you want as long as you feed me – and man, can I eat! I’m only eight months old but I’m huge. I’m still a little oafy with my big paws (and I haven’t quite grown into my ears yet either), but I think my mission in life is to show that even big dogs with big teeth can be sweet, friendly, and nothing to be afraid of. If you ever see me walking down the street, stop and rub my belly, and I’ll be your friend forever! And don’t forget to follow my hashtag, #nerothedog!

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