Pets of the Week | Della, Daisy and Roo

This week, there are three adopted dogs as the Pets of the Week. Each has its own special story that their owner Sam tells below:

I’m submitting a photo of my 3 dogs for pet of the week.  Impossible to choose between them as they are all special; similar to your children 😉 They are all adopted from different shelters/situations so who knows how they started out in life.  Della, the shepherd, came from the South and was abused.  Took a few years of working with her to overcome her past.  Daisy, the boxer, was dropped off in a neighborhood by a car that then took off in southern New Jersey.  Roo, the terrier, was found in the woods in upstate New York by a hiker who turned her over to my in-laws who own a farm.  They’ve all overcome their past to become a family unit and bring much joy to our lives.  I call this photo – waiting for the mailman.  Please consider adopting a pet from a shelter if you are thinking of adding a family member to your home.  Not only will you be saving a life but adding much unconditional love.

Is your pet cute, quirky, funny or particularly photogenic?  Tell us what’s amazing about your pet, and include those details, along with a photo, in a paragraph to nominate them for Around Ambler’s Pet of the Week feature.  Our editors can’t wait to review your submissions!

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