Suspected Fresh Breath Bandit Aprehended

Last week we reported on a shoplifting incident at the Ambler CVS where a thief made off with $1,500 worth of merchandise including Crest white strips and electric toothbrushes. According to the Ambler Borough Police Facebook page, a suspect has been apprehended in Philadelphia.

From the Ambler Borough Police Facebook Page:

On April 7,2016 the Ambler Borough Police Department arrested Sarah Biemuller (28 years of age) from the 7000 block of Algon Avenue in Philadelphia. She was charged with Felony Retail theft and Receiving stolen property for $1,500. theft at the Ambler CVS on March 28,2016. She is currently in Montgomery County Correctional Facility and has warrants from several other police departments for similar thefts.

More to come as details are made public.