Tough Mudder Boot Camp Opens in Blue Bell

Tough Mudder Boot Camp located at 950 Dekalb Pike, Suite 600 in Blue Bell Square Commons has recently opened and is bringing a unique, fun, game-changing work out option to our area. Also, they are offering a week of unlimited classes for $20 to the Ambler Card. (See the end of this article on how to take advantage of this exclusive offer,)

Tough Mudder Boot Camp offers 45 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) group classes that are scale-able for any level of fitness, with the maximum class size capped at 24 people.  The classes change daily and are a “functional” fitness style class.  There are no heavy weights, complex lifting or huge tires in the gym, but you will find kettle bells, medicine balls, and sand bags.  

Photo: Andrew Soule and Geoff Veale

Andrew Soule and Geoff Veale are Franchise Partners who are bringing the TMBootcamp brand to the greater Philadelphia suburb market and have plans for at least 5 gyms.

Their first location is located in Blue Bell-Centre Square Commons . “We are excited to bring Tough Mudder Bootcamp to the area, our gyms are for anyone who cares about their health and fitness, whether that be getting into better shape, or getting in the best shape of their lives!”

The core values of Tough Mudder that are incorporated into the TMBootcamp gym are those of overcoming life’s obstacles with a supportive community, or “Tribe” as is commonly used.  

The top three things that are asked about Tough Mudder Boot Camp are:
Do you have to be in great shape for your workouts?
What if I have never done a Tough Mudder before?
What obstacles do you have in the gym?

Andrew and Geoff say the answer to these questions are that there are no obstacles, and the aspect of Tough Mudder that you will see in a TMBootcamp is a positive, team-like atmosphere that is for every fitness level, whether or not you have ever completed an obstacle course event.

What some of Tough Mudder Boot Camp members have said:

  • “The workouts are different than most group classes I have taken in the past, the time fly’s by so quickly, the workouts are so much fun, and the gym is clean and well laid out.”  Dana
  • “I am getting back into working out again, the Coaches and the classes are really motivating and supportive at TMB.”  Mike
  • “I was nervous to try a class, but everyone is so welcoming and the workouts are awesome!  There was nothing to worry about, my friends and I are loving the classes and atmosphere.”  Lisa

Get a week of unlimited classes for $20 by purchasing the Ambler Card here, and see the 60+ offers that are also available to card holders.

Photos © Tough Mudder Boot Camp Blue Bell