Water main break in Ambler

Ambler Borough has issued a notice that there is a water main break in the area of Marion Avenue, Norma Road, Francis Avenue, and Knights Road. It is currently in the process of being repaired but is expected to take most of the day.

Below is the notice:

The Ambler Borough Water Department crew is currently working on making repairs to a water main break in the area of Marion Ave & Norma Rd, Francis Ave, and Knights Rd. You may be experiencing low water pressure or no water. Currently there is no estimated time for the repairs to completed, however it expect it will take the majority of the day to make the repairs. Once water is restored, please run the cold side of water faucet to be sure the water runs clear. If the water is discolored continue to run the cold water until water runs clear. Once the water is clear you can resume using both cold and hot water. If you have a water softener, it is suggested you by-pass the softener until the repairs are made and water runs clear. We apologize for the inconvenience.