Wissahickon School Board votes against schedule change, but support state requiring later start times for all secondary schools

During the February 5th meeting of the Wissahickon School Board, the board members voted 7 to 2 against changing the school start and end times. Board members cited the difficulties that a change would have on scheduling athletics and after school activities, along with student schedules at the North Montco Technical Career Center.

Advocates for changing school start times to later claim that it will provide additional sleep time for secondary students and that provides students with improved mental health, social emotional well-being, and academic success.

However, in a statement, the board stressed that it will “continue to advocate for state legislation requiring all school districts to adopt a later start time (which would, if implemented by the state, eliminate many of the challenges identified if we were to change our times without other, nearby districts doing the same).”

In December 2023, the School Board adopted Resolution W-14-23 supporting state legislation (House Bill 1848) that would require the instructional day for public secondary schools to begin no earlier than 8:15 a.m. beginning with the 2026-2027 school year.