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  1. The Chivalrous Crickets

    Music, Hosted By Ambler Musicivic Free Online

  2. Took place on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 @ 7:30pm
  3. Ambler, PA
  4. The Chivalrous Crickets is an upcoming, genre-crossing folk band exploring the intersection between Appalachian, Old Time, traditional English and Celtic, and early European art music. The band's members, who all sing, play instruments, and arrange and compose for the group, come from backgrounds of folk and early classical music. Their skills and interests combine to form a unique sound centered on rich vocal harmonies, diverse timbral blends between modern and recreation historical instruments, and inventive, historically researched programs.  Endlessly in love with music’s timeless role as a global cultural networking envoy, the Crickets revel in discovering and illuminating direct ties between American songs’ and tunes’ roots in the old world by creating innovative medley-style arrangements of ancient, contemporary, and original repertoire. Sisters Genevieve and Fiona grew up playing Irish music with their parents of the band Blackwater, based in Bethlehem, PA. In a city dedicated to the promotion of Celtic culture, they spent their youth step-dancing and going to sessions in pubs. Life took them in different directions during post-college years, but in 2018 they found themselves both living in New York, and jumped at the opportunity to form a band with  plucked-instrument specialist Paul Morton. The band includes multi-instrumentalist swing members Ben Matus and Bradley King. The group, now in its second year, has shows this season in Maine, Pennsylvania, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, West Virginia, Washington, and California. With a particular focus on thematic programing, the Crickets, in addition to standard-repertoire shows, have created specific educational projects around the legends and history of Robin Hood, The “Auld Alliance” (Scotland and France’s 13th-16thcentury common-interest treaty), the history of shipping, whaling, and sailing in New England, and a holiday program tracing the origins and transformation of Christmas carols across eight centuries. .

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